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Guest Request

Thank you for your interest in being a guest on the Author Your Dream podcast. As an author I know we all have expreince

What I’m Looking For

The Author Your Dream podcast is dedicated to helping aspiring authors fulfill their dream of writing a book. The goal is to add as much value to the audience as possible. As an author, I have been in that place of having a dream but unsure of what to do, or what step I should take. If you are an author, I’m sure you can relate. I want this podcast to be a place for people to come for answers.

So what am I looking for? People who are authors or work in the publishing industry. I’m looking for guests that have something that would help the audience. If there is an episode that has already been done, but you have a different or unique perspective get in touch, and we can start a conversation.

The categories I’m looking to cover include the step-by-step process of writing and publishing a book, the marketing side of publishing, and improving the craft. These are broad categories, so when you submit your guest request form, narrow your topics down and be specific.

What I’m Not Looking For

I’m not looking for someone who simply wants to promote their book. While this is an aspect that I am more than happy to do for all of my guests, the main point is to be helpful to new and aspiring authors.