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Paula SheridanProfile Photo

Paula Sheridan

Founder of Page Turner Awards

Paula Sheridan is an award-winning entrepreneur and the award-winning author of The People's Book Prize for her debut novel, The Grotto's Secret, written under her pen name, Paula Wynne. Harbouring a near-obsessive love of learning the craft of writing, Paula has been scribbling down the stuff in her head ever since she can remember.

Paula came up with the idea for Page Turner Awards when she won The People's Book Prize in 2017 and received her award from Sir Frederick Forsyth at a glittering awards ceremony in London.

When she's not day-dreaming up plots for new historical thrillers while walking her Springer Spaniel in the Andalusian countryside, she's helping Indie Authors to achieve their dream of seeing the novels in a reader's hands, through her reading community on Book Luver. Paula also blogs about writing techniques and reviews writing books on Writing Goals.

Writing Contests

Entering Writing Contests

In today’s episode, we are talking about entering writing contests. Kenny talks with Paula Sheridan, the founder of the Page Turner Awards, about how authors can enter, what they can in, and why they should even consider entering in the first place. ...