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Abigail K. PerryProfile Photo

Abigail K. Perry

Author & Podcast Host

Abigail K. Perry is a book coach and certified developmental editor who specializes in Upmarket (Book Club) Fiction, Women’s Fiction, and YA Fantasy. She also coaches writers with the submission process.

Abigail is the host and creator of the podcast LIT MATCH, a podcast made to help writers find the best literary agent and business partner for their writing career by blending passion with business.

Abigail holds a B.S. in TV, Radio, and Film from Syracuse University (Newhouse) and a Masters in Secondary Education, English from Endicott College. Abigail taught creative writing and film for a handful of years, and worked as an editorial intern and the Agency Relations Assistant for P.S. Literary Agency.

Abigail lives in Massachusetts with her husband, toddler, and rescue pup. She is fluent in book and movie quotes, contributes as a monthly columnist to DIY MFA, and is currently writing her own book. Abigail loves animals, nature, and a long walk with good company—especially her two- and four-legged babies (and latest audiobook).

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