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Season 2

TikTok for Authors with A.K. Mulford

TikTok for Authors is one of the subjects that I have wanted to do for a long time. But not being on the platform very much myself, I had didn't know who I should approach to be a guest on the show. In comes the fantastic writing community. I reache...

Myths About Writing with Kristina Adams

Myths about writing can stop aspiring authors from going after their dream and writing that book. In this episode, Kenny discusses some of the most common myths with author and podcaster Kristina Adams. This episode will talk about whether or not y...

How to do Research for Historical Fiction with Jodi Daynard

Doing research for historical fiction can be one of the most fun and most frustrating parts of writing in this genre. You love history as a historical fiction author, but how do you not bag down the story with the facts? How do you avoid going down ...

How to Structure a Scene with Emma Dhesi

In this episode, Kenny talks with guest Emma Dhesi about scene structure. Emma shares some very very actionable information for new authors. During the interview, Emma shares what a scene is, mistakes to avoid, and a great scene structure model to he...

Get a Grip on Social Media Marketing with Erik Deckers

Social media marketing can be overwhelming, especially when you add it to the vast list of responsibilities you already have on your plate as an author. In this episode, we follow on from the interview with Rick Lite about The Ultimate Book Marketin...

The Ultimate Book Marketing Timeline with Rick Lite

Book marketing has been one of the most popular topics on the show. It is also one that many authors struggle to wrap their heads around. In this episode, I talk to Rick Lite from Stress Free Book Marketing. Rick shares the book marketing timeline h...

Write Like an Editor to Save Time and Money with Tenita Johnson

If you are looking to save time and money, which, let's face it, we all are. The information that Tenita shares during the interview will be incredibly helpful. I talk to her about the importance of getting a professional editor. How you select some...

Assembling a Launch Team with Allen Taylor

Assembling a book launch team is one of those things that first-time authors can dismiss as unimportant. I know I did when I published my first book. This was partly because I didn't understand the importance of a team. If you think you don't need t...

Recording Your Own Audiobook with Keving G. Chapman

With audiobooks becoming more popular, recording your own audiobook is something you might want to consider. In this episode, I talk with Kevin G. Chapman about his experience recording the audio for all of his books. We discuss the equipment and so...

Building a Fan Base with Tahani Nelson

Building a fanbase is not a simple task to accomplish. It can be slow going at times, yet it is vital to your success as an author. You want to build a group that loves what you do and will support you and your books. That's what my guest, Tahani Nel...

Time Management for Authors with Stacy Juba

Time management is something that a lot of authors struggle with. In today's episode, I'm talking with author Stacy Juba. We discuss a number of topics, including effective strategies, time blocking and automating tasks to help you be more productive...

Legal Issues to Consider when Writing Your Book with Maria Riegger

Maria Riegger is a lawyer who joined me to talk about the legal issues that authors face when writing and publishing. This is a topic that I have seen so many questions about in the author communities. And I know that you will get a lot out of this ...

How to get Exposure for Your Book with Christina Kaye

What does it mean to get exposure for your book? Every author's goal is different for writing, but we all want people to read our books. Getting exposure means getting your face out there for the world to see, recognize and connect. Getting more eye...

How to Have a Writer‘s Mindset with Aisha Lloyd-Minnis

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Augmented Reality and Writing for Dyslexic Readers with James Russell

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Working with Illustrators with Peter A Johnson

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Using the Creation Myth in World-building with Jason DeGray

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Using Psychology to Build Your Characters with Darian Smith

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Writing Strong Female Characters with Ginger Moran

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Facing Self-doubt with Bryan Nowak

Self-doubt! Limiting beliefs! Imposter syndrome! These insecurities are known by many different names. But they have one thing in common; every author faces them. In this episode of the podcast, Kenny chats with Bryan Nowak. Together they share the s...

The Art of Fight Scenes with Carla Hoch

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The Role of an Agent with Lucy V. Hay

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The Value of a Writing Coach with Ann Kroeker

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Instagram for Authors with Danielle Wilkinson

Instagram for authors is one topic guests and listeners alike have asked about. So I reached out to Danielle Wilkinson, a marketing specialist and social media strategist. In this episode, Danielle shares how authors need to niche down on Instagram t...

Season 2 Promo

The Author Your Dream Podcast is back. Season 2 is packed with value. Kenny has interviews covering topics like submitting your work to agents, writing fight scenes and more.