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Augmented Reality and Writing for Dyslexic Readers with James Russell

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Working with Illustrators with Peter A Johnson

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Using the Creation Myth in World-building with Jason DeGray

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Co-writing with Kelly Blanchard and Matthew Dale

Trust, communication are key to co-writing a book. Kelly and Matthew have written an entire series and have some great insights to share. Highlights 01:05 Matthew's story 05:00 The Crown's Secret 08:42 Kelly's Writing Process 12:36 What it...

Using Psychology to Build Your Characters with Darian Smith

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Writing Strong Female Characters with Ginger Moran

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Facing Self-doubt with Bryan Nowak

Self-doubt! Limiting beliefs! Imposter syndrome! These insecurities are known by many different names. But they have one thing in common; every author faces them. In this episode of the podcast, Kenny chats with Bryan Nowak. Together they share the s...

The Art of Fight Scenes with Carla Hoch

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The Role of an Agent with Lucy V. Hay

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The Value of a Writing Coach with Ann Kroeker

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Instagram for Authors with Danielle Wilkinson

Instagram for authors is one topic guests and listeners alike have asked about. So I reached out to Danielle Wilkinson, a marketing specialist and social media strategist. In this episode, Danielle shares how authors need to niche down on Instagram t...

Season 2 Promo

The Author Your Dream Podcast is back. Season 2 is packed with value. Kenny has interviews covering topics like submitting your work to agents, writing fight scenes and more.

Standing Out in a Crowded Category with Ally Deatherage

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Cover Design with a Professional with Maja Kopunovic

Judging a book by its cover design is something we all do. A good cover design entices us to look at the back blurb or open the book to read the first page. Having a great cover is one component of publishing your book that can help you sell more boo...

How to Write Better Dialogue with Justin Lee Anderson

Learning how to write better dialogue is one way to capture your readers' interest. You want your reader to leave their own mind and go on a journey or have an experience with your characters. Having bad dialogue will pull them out of that experienc...

Marketing and Publicity for Authors with Dana Kaye

Marketing and publicity are two things that an author must think about when writing and publishing a book. In today's episode, Kenny talks with Dana Kaye about this subject. Dana is the owner of Kaye Publicity and has been a publicist for 10+ years. ...

Funding Your Writing with Grants and Crowdfunding with Christiane Allison

Funding your writing can be tricky. But did you know you have options if you are willing to put in the work? In this episode, I talk with author Christiane Allison, who has received a combined total of about $16,000 through applying for grants and cr...

Buliding an Email List with PD Alleva

Building an email list is something that every author should be seriously considering. It is a great way to stay connected with your fans and build an authentic connection with them. Plus, being able to contact them about a promotion or a new book yo...

How to Write Great Setting Descriptions with Justin Fike

Have you ever wanted to know how to write great setting descriptions? I don't mean simple, bland descriptions; I'm talking amazing descriptions that immerse your readers in the world you've created. The ability to do this isn't something people are ...

Use Story Planner to Save Time and Get Organized with Craig A. Price

Do you want to save time and get organized with your writing? In today's episode, I talk with USA Today Bestselling author Craig A. Price about how to do that. We were originally going to discuss using an app called Story Planner to plot your novels....

Developing Characters with D.J. Munden

Developing characters is a favourite part of writing for today's guest. D.J. Munden, which is one reason I asked him on as a guest. D.J. is a science fiction and fantasy author with multiple books to his name, including Tavern, which we discuss duri...

Hybrid Outlining with J.M.D.Reid

Hybrid outlining is the approach that J.M.D. Reid has discovered works best for him and his novels. But what exactly is hybrid outlining, and how can it help you? This approach is a combination of pantsing and plotting. A pantser is someone who write...

Search Engine Optimization for Authors: Keywords with Dorit Sasson

Search engine optimization has often been the cause of headaches for many authors. With everything else that you have to do as an author, SEO can seem overly complicated and even a bit scary. Many think that it's too technical or not for them. But it...